Hout Bay Volunteering Ambulance Service

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+27 21 790 9333

This organisation always needs volunteers. They need admin staff in the office as well as people to work on the ambulances however to do this there is a minimum qualification of a Basic Ambulance Assistant course and be registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

What we do:

The volunteer ambulance service was started 21 years ago to fill a gap in the response time for an Ambulance to get to Hout Bay.

This is due to geographical location and single lane roads. In an emergency it could take an Ambulance 45 minutes or more to arrive, at which time the patient condition might have significantly changed. with the Volunteer Ambulance we’ve reduced it to approximately 5 minutes.

Our volunteers work a 12 hours shift (or 6 hour on Friday night) over weekends. The expectation is one 12 hour shift per three week rotation. And the members that live in Hout Bay are all on a Whatsapp group to respond to emergencies within Hout Bay during the week (some also have Watchcon radios). They respond to calls within IY, Hangberg and Hout Bay, manage the patient and transport to appropriate facility.

We mostly operate after hours and weekends (when there is a surge in calls) due to it being 100% volunteer and most members have careers outside of emergency medicine or are students. Members give their time, pay their own courses to become qualified, annual registration fees, personal indemnity and insurance.

Our Ambulance base is at the clinic opposite the Police Station.