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The Hout Bay Residents & Ratepayers’ Association is a non-governmental organisation (or NGO) with an ExCo serving entirely voluntarily with no pay and for the benefit of the whole community of Hout Bay whether they are a home owner or a tenant.

Our Vision and Mission statements, which are based on the original reasons for founding the Association 18 years ago, remain pertinent and form the background to our activities, so let me start by reminding you what they are, and then address how we go about trying to fulfill these mandates.

Our Vision is to inform, encourage and activate the community of Hout Bay for the common good; and, our

Mission Statement is to generate public awareness in order to harness the energy of the community for action, and, to provide community-based information to decision-makers for the betterment of Hout Bay.

As a Community-Based Organization (CBO), our Association has no real decision-making powers as such, but we act (within these broad guidelines) to bring issues of community concern to the attention of the authorities in such as way as to influence the local and provincial decision-makers so that they will act to promote the sustainable development and conservation of what makes Hout Bay special.

As a civic association, it is therefore our function and duty to act in a ‘watch dog’ capacity (that is about as much as we can do) and try to protect Hout Bay from over-development and try to ensure some sort of medium to long-term sustainability of this precious resource, not only for our benefit, but, more especially, for that of future generations.

We need volunteers to Fund Raise for us and do PR so as to increase our membership base.