Hout Bay Cycling Club

Current Needs


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+27 21 790 5616

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the rides and a typical day would include:

  • Pushing the boys to get ready and be on the bikes before 4h30
  • Helping with minor mechanical work – changing pedals, checking cleats and pedals are compatible.
  • Checking for buckled wheels/damage to bikes
  • Tyres must be pumped up using the foot pump before leaving on training ride. Tyres should be checked at the same time for cuts or holes.
  • Making sure each rider is riding the correct bike –  a list is provided with names/bike numbers on each
  • Ensuring there is a ride leader for each group A, B or C and perhaps lead one yourself or provide back up in a car.
  • Check that at least one rider from each group has a cell phone with your contact details in case of an emergency
  • Make sure everyone returns safely and that all bikes and equipment are put inside the clubhouse before locking
  • Helping with transportation to races and fun rides


If your skills lie elsewhere – perhaps in the bookkeeping or accounting fields we would welcome help here too. Perhaps your skills lie in the Social Work area or even Life Skills Training or similar.