Eyethu Skate Park

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+27 82 337 7157

The Eyethu Skate Park is a fantastic project which at the moment takes place in the Sunday Market car park while it waits for the final project to be built next to the soccer field presently occupied by Silver City.

The club has been happening every Saturday afternoon and has proved extremely popular with a wide range of kids. An important aspect of this project is that it attracts some of the most marginalized children who do not attend any of the other projects. Sadly the organizers have been forced to reduce it to just once a month due to the lack of hands to run it.

If you are able to help at one or all of these monthly meets:

  • We will need hands to teach skating, help with registration and keeping tally of the boards as they go walking! We started off with 50 boards we now have 24 left. This severely impacts on the quality of each session.
  • Snack donations will be amazing (fruit, water, lollies etc)
  • We are always looking for boards new and old (we never have enough)
  • Motivational session with inspirational youth leaders could be amazing – IE combine a skate session with a little inspiration through success stories before we start. We have a captive audience!

“We have found that Skating has enormous benefits such as constant learning, building friendships, staying physically active, bridging the gap between diverse backgrounds, developing leadership skills, exposure to positive role models and most importantly, having fun!” Vicki Scheffel Project Co-Ordinator.