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Animal Lifeline is a registered animal rescue organisation. Our core focus is primary prevention.

We operate through community liaison volunteers who flag at-risk animals for intervention in under-resourced areas in Cape Town. Community-based volunteers are involved in giving vital assistance to animals in need – this includes trapping (TNR – trap, neuter, return) and subsequent feeding of feral cats, supplemental-feeding for a number of dogs and cats, negotiation for access to animals that are identified as at-risk and entering into dialogue with pet owners regarding the benefits of sterilisation, parasite control and general upliftment of their pets’ circumstances (obtaining kennels, runs-leads instead of short chains, etc.) Community education is an essential part of this process.

In addition to this we work passionately to prevent companion animals becoming lost, abandoned and homeless. This service extends throughout the Western Cape and is conducted predominantly by online networking volunteers. When our team is made aware of an animal that has been found and is now at the SPCA we do our best to place posters in the area it was found. Animal Lifeline believes in a ‘duty of care’ to animals and try see ‘rescue’ through to a positive outcome.

Animal Lifeline adopts an 80-20 principle, where twenty percent of our efforts and funds are allocated to secondary and tertiary efforts (crisis intervention) and the balance strategically, where we believe long-term impact and sustainability for animals lies – in primary prevention – sterilisation, vaccination, parasite control, outreach campaigns and community education.

We welcome the involvement of committed, passionate volunteers – either for online networking or in the field assistance. We require enthusiastic helpers that are self-starters as there is seldom time for ‘induction’ processes so volunteers need to be able to ‘hit the ground running’. Volunteers self-regulate and schedule their own availability.

NPC Registration # 2019/167142/08 | Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) # 930 066 819.