Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch

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Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) is a community-based security organisation. With the assistance of SAPS, security companies, Hout Bay Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the residents of Hout Bay, it is focused on the reduction of crime in our beautiful bay.

What we do
  • HBNW has its very own emergency radio control room with equipment funded by its members and accommodation and personnel sponsored by ADT, It’s called Watchcon (Hout Bay Watch Control Room) and is available to ALL Hout Bay residents.

  • Watchcon is the FIRST call in any emergency and to report criminal or suspicious behaviour.  The control room is manned 24/7.  It is linked on the same frequency to hundreds of radios owned by members and to volunteer patrollers, responders, security and emergency services, as well as Hout Bay SAPS.

  • There are in excess of 35 HBNW funded CCT cameras in Hout Bay and this number is growing steadily as funds are donated.

Why Join

There are many benefits in becoming a member of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch. Among them are:

  • Being aware of safety and security issues and trends

  • Knowing what is going on around you

  • Getting to know your neighbours and others in Hout Bay

  • Feeling connected to your area and your immediate community

  • Being pro-active about your own security and that of others

  • Doing something positive for the community in which you live

  • Having access to a range of 24-hour emergency services via Watchcon on 021 790 9333 (also available to non-members)

  • Having two-way communication access to the Watchcon radio network, if you purchase your own radio, thereby adding to your security

  • Knowing that those you keep a look out for are also looking out for you, your family and your property

  • Participating in social functions

  • Receiving regular security hints and tips and general information

Volunteering opportunities:

There are a wide variety of volunteering opportunities:

Join the HBNW Daylighters.  Contact your local Area Leader (see www.houtbaywatch.com, “About Us” section). The Daylighters have been a huge help to SAPS as “eyes and ears”.

Volunteer for patrol duties – night or daytime – whenever you are available.

Offer your assistance with:
  • secretarial/admin duties or patrol rosters,

  • technical expertise,

  • You can even volunteer your 4×4

Join the Radio Network

Get a HBNW radio, with instant contact with Watchcon, our own 24-hour emergency control centre. A radio will also make you aware of what’s happening, and where – in case you can help.