Promotional Packs

Banded Packs are used to join multiple products for aesthetically-pleasing promotional packs. Examples include Buy-one-get-one-Free and Sample-with-Product packs.

What are they?

Heat Shrink Sleeves are labels that are applied to a container and shrunk to fit the contours of the container through the addition of heat. The use of Thermaseal shrink sleeves as a high profile promotional tool has helped increase the sales of many major brands. So much so that we are recognized as the market leader in this field.

In today’s market it takes something special to stand out from the competition on the supermarket shelves. It is necessary to have a certain “shelf appeal”. Heat Shrink Sleeves offer rich color shades and perfect design possibilities to make your product unique and most recognizable.

Shrink Sleeves offer perfectly designed product labels with up to 10 colors, special effects, pictures, special shades for your individual product concept and marketing strategy.


  • Allows for complete decoration (full-body 360° labeling)
  • Suitable for metal, glass and plastic packaging containers.
  • Special effects such as thermo/photo/relief and metallic effects enhance appeal.
  • Optimally suited for tamper evident seals (freshness seals/security seals), promotional effects and full-body labeling


Heat Shrink Sleeves are perfect if you are looking for:

  • Shelf impact.
  • High quality decoration.
  • Decoration of an unusual shape.
  • Suitability for all substrates – metal, glass and plastic.
  • Reduced inventory costs.
  • Shorter runs and lead times.
  • Incorporate tamper evidence with decoration.
  • 360 degree, top-to-toe decoration.
  • C.I. Flexo, U.V. Flexo and Gravure printing.
  • Special effects such as thermochromic

Thermasleeve Specifications

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Shrink PET
Extrusion:Extruded as a seamless tube
Format:Supplied as bundled sleeves or in reelstock
Lay-Flat Width*:40mm to 600mm
Sleeve Cut-Length:25mm to 500mm
Gauge:40µm to 80µm
Shrink Rate:Transverse Direction: 45% -52%
Machine Direction: 1% – 2%
Perforation:Perforated or un-perforated
Colour:Clear or coloured
Print:Printed or Unprinted
Optimal Shrink Temperature:200°C to 350°C (depending on heating apparatus)