Our success so far has come from the value we have added – practical support with measurable results in production performance and profitability. It comes also from the relationships we have developed and the strengths of the clearPerformance team.

We look forward to building on this foundation and adding to your successes in the future.

Derek Whiteside


In the last twelve months clearPerformance has seen a tremendous interest in Job Change performance.

The reasons are clear:

  • Market demand for flexibility and small volumes/ short runs
  • Customer demands for service excellence and OTIF >98%
  • Pressures on glass companies to control inventories and cash.
  • Increasing New Product development with sampling, trial runs and interruptions to the production schedule.

Glass makers recognise that Job Changes are a way of life and so the only option is to get better at them to minimise the impact on efficiencies.

The clearPerformance approach is that

  • Job Change should be seen as a process that starts with the production schedule and ends with good glass being packed. The physical change of the machine is only one part of this process.
    This means for example; having a Job Change Coordinator, measuring the job change process and applying Standard Operating Procedures provided by clearPerformance.
  • Job Change improvement must follow these priorities
    1. Safe – by using best practice and physical barriers when needed
    2. Correct – machine set up by using setting blacks, dummy pieces and best practice
    3. Least effort – using clearPerformance work methods and recommended power tools.
    4. Shortest time – achieving benchmark excellence using clearPerformance manning levels and ways of working.

clearPerformance has run many Job Change improvement projects in factories making perfumery, pharmaceutical, spirits and beverage containers. Diverse products with common results:

  • Better job changes that mean less downtime, less defects and improved efficiencies. In the real world PTM up by 3-4% on the line with the job change and annually 1-2% improvement in PTM.
  • Job Change time reduced by an hour on average – with some factories seeing a rapid gain of up to 90 minutes.
  • Even when Job Change numbers increase due to market conditions performance is not penalised.

Job Changes can be managed and improved based on tried and tested methods offered by clearPerformance.

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Completed Projects

clearPerformance has a record of success in completing projects that prove our differentiation:

Adding value
Sustainable improvement
Measurable results
Knowledge transfer

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“I have worked with Derek in clearPerformance from day 1 and as glass maker and general manager, I am convinced that the business that we have developed has a unique offering for the world of glass containers and glass packaging.

I know from experience how important it is to control the variables in glass container manufacture and the framework of DPT (design, process and train) is an excellent way of doing this. This together with our philosophy of passing on skills and knowledge to the local teams means that we have achieved real success that is also lasting.

I get a lot of pleasure of going back to a plant and seeing measurable results that were started with the a clearPerformance project and then delivered continuous improvement because the design was right,  SOP’s were put in place and the local teams took ownership of the action plans we put in place.

For me the pleasure is in seeing the results – not just in the improved performance but in the development of the people I have worked. Passing on knowledge and seeing it being put to good use makes me feel that I am contributing to an industry that has been part of my life for the past 45 years!”

Steve Hammond